AAL High-Line Fender Lights

Brand: American Adventure Lab

First purchase from AAL and they make a quality product. The brackets are strong and lights are super clear. Plug and play but dashboard error light will come on. I had the stock halogen on my Rubicon so purchased the additional bulb-out fix harness AAL provides. Other option is to get a Tazer but decided to spend less.

Front Driver measured 10.75" clearance from top of tire to inside fender (this is with stock rubicon suspension and tires)


Buy at high line fender lights https://americanadventurelab.com/product/jeep-jl-high-line-fender-brace-with-daytime-running-lights/

Bulb-out Fix harness https://americanadventurelab.com/product/jeep-jl-bulb-out-fix-harness/

Video instructions by AAL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l7jV_nnEWI


Original PackageFender light straight out of package


Comparison of stock halogen vs high-line led fender lightBoth high-line fender lights installedHigh-line fender lights during night time

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