Icon JL 2.5" Stage 3 Front Upper Adjustable Arm Add On

Brand: Icon Vehicle Dynamics

After completing stage 2, I was told the upgraded front fixed lower control arms would increase caster. Icon's JL is around 5.2 and another JL forum member mentioned the same. For whatever reason I have only been able to get mid 4 degrees so tried getting front upper adjustable arms to shorten but minimum adjustable length is the same as stock.

Unless you need to adjust the JL pinion angle, the front upper adjustable arms are not going to help with caster.

This has been the biggest downside of Icon's lift kit vs Metalcloak or Rock Krawler.

System Components:

  • 22022 (QTY: 1) | 18-UP JL FRONT ADJ UPPER LINK KIT


Icon Vehicle Dynamics 18-UP JL Front Adj Upper Link Kit at https://www.iconvehicledynamics.com/accessory/14746/icon-accessories-18-up-jl-front-adj-upper-link-kit/


Front Upper Links Comparison

 Icon Vehicle Dynamics Front Adjustable Upper Links

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