Icon JL 2.5" Stage 3 Track Bar Add On

Brand: Icon Vehicle Dynamics

After completing stage 2, I realized the 2.5" lift was more like 3.5" and shifted the front and rear axles.

The front was 1" further on the driver side while rear sat around 0.65".

Instructions were straight forward and took only 30 minutes. Have someone push on one side to get the stock bolts in.

Download by part number at IVD's website https://www.iconvehicledynamics.com/instruction-manuals/. Listed part numbers for stage 3 which is stage 2 package with front and rear track bars.

System Components:

  • 22028 (QTY: 1) | 18-UP JL REAR ADJ TRACK BAR KIT
  • 22027 (QTY: 1) | 18-UP JL FRONT ADJ TRACK BAR KIT


Icon Vehicle Dynamics 18-UP JL/20-UP JT Front Adjustable Track Bar Kit at https://www.iconvehicledynamics.com/accessory/14573/icon-accessories-18-up-jeep-jl-25-stage-2-suspension-system/

Icon Vehicle Dynamics 18-UP JL/20-UP JT Rear Adjustable Track Bar Kit at https://www.iconvehicledynamics.com/accessory/14749/icon-accessories-18-up-jl-rear-adj-track-bar-kit/


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