Icon JL 2.5" Stage 2 Suspension System

Brand: Icon Vehicle Dynamics

Second IVD purchase in my lifetime. The first was for my 2007 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner. Quality product so excited to see how this performs on my JLUR.

Instructions were straight forward. Download by part number at IVD's website https://www.iconvehicledynamics.com/instruction-manuals/. Listed part numbers below too.

System Components:

  • 22026 (QTY: 1) | 18-UP JL 2.5" REAR DUAL RATE SPRING KIT
  • 22025 (QTY: 1) | 18-UP JL 2.5" FRONT DUAL RATE SPRING KIT
  • 26524 (QTY: 2) | 18-UP JL 2.5" REAR 2.0 VS IR
  • 26523 (QTY: 2) | 18-UP JL 2.5" FRONT 2.0 VS IR

Took me and my brother 4 hours start to finish. Make sure to swap the rear sway bar links to the front since stage 2 comes with new rear sway links. The stock rear sway is a lot longer.

Hoping to one day level up stages but this was the best decision for now.

I did not realize how much lower the passenger side was compared to driver. See measurements we took before and after. Keep in mind my front already included the AAL fender chop where I removed the inner liner.

IVD's suspension only includes longer lower control arms which they state should get 5.2 degree front caster. So far after 2 alignments with 2 well known shops, I have only been able to get 4.6 maximum. The only downside of this kit so far is not being able to adjust upper and lowers for more caster.


Without IVD lift + AAL fender chop (clearance from top of tire to fender):
Front Driver: 10.75"
Front Passenger: 10.50"
Rear Driver: 8.25" (still has rear fender inner liner)
Rear Passenger: 8" 
(still has rear fender inner liner)

With IVD lift:
Front Driver: 14.25"
Front Passenger: 14"
Rear Driver: 11.5" (still has rear fender inner liner)
Rear Passenger: 11.5" 
(still has rear fender inner liner)


Icon Vehicle Dynamics 2.5" Stage 2 Suspension Lift at https://www.iconvehicledynamics.com/accessory/14573/icon-accessories-18-up-jeep-jl-25-stage-2-suspension-system/

I actually ended up buying from Northridge4x4 since they had a discount https://www.northridge4x4.com/part/2-5in-lifts/k22012-icon-vehicle-dynamics-stage-2-suspension-system-2-5in-lift



Icon Vehicle Dynamics - 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Rubicon Side ViewIcon Vehicle Dynamics - 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Rubicon Front View


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