Kiwi 9 Inch Halo LED Headlights

Brand: Kiwi Master

Installed the Kiwi Series 2. Overall these are very bright and easy to install (took 45 mins). Take off the grill, take out halogen headlights, insert LED headlights, and link LED headlight halo red wires together to fuse 57.

First time having LED headlights and far brighter than the stock JL halogens. They are pretty cool but light output and cut-off is not as crisp. Pretty damn good price though.


Kiwi 9" Headlights on Amazon

Add-a-fuse on Amazon

LED Headlights:Kiwi halo lights installedKiwi halo light close up

Comparison vs Halogens:Kiwi LED vs Stock HalogenStock Halogens

Halogen Beam (took this when light was still out so hard to fully compare but LED is obviously brighter):Halogen beam on wall

LED beam:LED beam on wallLED beam close up

Wiring (supplier provided the white wire to connect from driver to passenger to fuse box and used a 18-22 gauge splice connector):Wiring locationWiring location to fuse boxWiring to the driver sideAdd-a-circuit fuse to #57

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