Lightwerkz Retrofit LED Headlights

Brand: Lightwerkz - Automotive Lighting Innovations

Have not seen many retrofit projects for JLs so decided to convert the stock halogen headlights. I purchased from Lightwerkz for all of my vehicles in the past decade because of their knowledge, service, and product offering.

You can see clear still shots at Lightwerkz Instagram post and action video.

My previous aftermarket LED headlights were Kiwi's from Amazon. The output was neither as crisp or powerful than the Morimoto LEDs. You get what you pay for!

Installation requires wiring. Depending on whether you have high-line fender lights, you may need to tap into the blinker wires either at the front or back of the fenders. Recommend doing the driver side since there is a lot more access. Follow Diode Dynamics instructions to tap into the right wires. Took a couple hours to complete.


Morimoto M LED 2.0 

Diode Dynamics Halo Light Switchback

Also will need to purchase semi-flat black spray paint to black out the halogen housing, headlight housing re-seal, and quick splice wire connectors.


Retrofit headlights laid out and ready for installJeep Wrangler JL Retrofit headlight driver sideDiode Dynamics DD2441 Halo InstructionsWiring passender sideTesting passenger retrofit headlightTapping into driver side fender light harnessDriver side fender light harness wiring close up


Morimoto M LED 2.0 BeamRetrofit headlight driver close up 

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